Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Makes It Big

Breaking Dawn - Part 1According to studio data, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1″ opened this past weekend to $139.5 million domestically!

The fourth installment of the vampire/werewolf movie almost broke it’s previous record and came in as a “second best” weekend for this series.  In 2009, “New Moon” shattered it’s previous records with $142.8 million in it’s first weekend.

An interesting fact:  In 2010, there were four movies that had $100+ million weekend openers!

Internationally, Breaking Dawn Part 1 grossed a very strong $144 million in 54 countries, which gives it a worldwide box office total of $283.5 million in just three days!

While Breaking Dawn – Part 1 fell short of it’s predictions, what it didn’t fall short in was pushing all previous movies down and claiming the number 1 spot.  “Happy Feet Two” lost it’s number 1 spot and is now in number 2.  Relativity Media’s “Immortals” lost it’s 2 spot and is now number 3.

Another interesting fact:  Breaking Dawn was seen in 4,061 locations and averaged $36,245 at each.

Richie Fay, Summit’s president of domestic distribution said..

“There’s a definite interest in wanting to continue to see the series,” he said. “The fact that our audience is aging up a little bit, the impulse to get out and see it on the first weekend isn’t necessarily there the way it has been. To me, that means that the holdover should be much better.”

Last interesting fact: Breaking Dawn’s audience was made up of 80% female and 60% older than 21.

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