Battleship Bombs

Battleship is Universal’s latest big budget science fiction film that was expected to product ticket sales of between $35 million and $40 million, however it fell drastically short of it’s goal.

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At a cost of $275 million to produce, Battleship generated a pitiful $23.4 million in ticket sales during it’s opening weekend in Canada and the US (according to figures compiled by It was forecast to make up to $40 million, but placed against winners such as The Avengers and MIB 3, it grossly fell short.

Second to Walt Disney’s superhero blockbuster, The Avengers (which topped the box office in it’s third weekend, generating $55.1 million), Battleship stars Liam Neeson and singer Rihanna.

“It is not quite the epic disaster of John Carter, but this will put a dent in Comcast’s quarter,” said Matthew Harrigan of Wunderlich Securities, who follows Comcast.

All is not lost though, Universal reports overseas ticket sales at more than $220 million.

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