Pricey Consessions?

AMC ConcessionsSo you go to the theater to see the latest flicks (hopefully remembering your AMC coupons), pay for your tickets, find a great seat, but then notice that you have the munchies.  Off to the concession stand.. and wow, this is more expensive than at the grocery store!  Ever wonder why?

You’re not trying to be cheap or anything like that, but you feel like your being taken advantage of because a small bag of licorice just cost your $4.  A combo snack can easily cost you the same price as your ticket to see the movie.  Why is that?

During a recent trip to an AMC theater sparked the same question for me, so I asked a manager.  You might think it’s for higher profits or just plain greed, but what he told me was this..

When you go to a movie theater (and we’ll just assume you only go to AMC theaters… after all, this is an AMC website right?), the price you pay at the door mostly goes to the company that made the movie.  Movies cost millions upon millions of dollars to make, and they take their fair share (and then some) from the ticket prices.  When you see that a movie brought in 100 million dollars over a period of time, they don’t mean the movie theater pocketed that much.

In order for movie theaters to stay in business, they have to charge a high enough price for other products since the movie companies take most of their ticket prices.  Renting a movie to show at a theater isn’t like going to Blockbuster.  It costs thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So when you think it’s a good idea to stop off at the grocery store to pick up your snack before heading to the theater, consider this: you’re not only giving a profit to the grocery store, you’re stealing from the movie theater.  For only a couple dollars more, you’re ensuring the theater can stay in business and continue to bring you fantastic movies for years to come.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of your concession stand items, instead of buying from somewhere else and smuggling them in, try using some AMC Coupons or perhaps even joining the AMC Movie Watcher program for valuable discounts.

Getting caught with a smuggled product not only hurts the movie theater, but it can get you banned for life.  Something to think about.

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