Give the Gift of Movie

AMC Movie GiftcardsTaking a stroll the other day through the grocery store, I came across what seems to becoming more and more popular… a rack full of giftcards.

It seems like it wasn’t very many years ago that if wanted to give a giftcard to someone, first you had to go to the place you wanted the giftcard for and buy one there (usually by the cash register). Now, in recent years, if you want to give someone a giftcard, all you have to do is go to the local grocery store and filter through a vast selection of giftcards for everywhere from Home Depot to an AMC Theater.

What’s the point of a giftcard?

Some people believe that a giftcard is a thoughtless gift.. just something someone picked up because they were too lazy to put some effort into finding a real gift. Sure it would be great if we could all grab some needles and a yarn and knit a sweater for someone you care about.. but who’s got the time now-a-days?

A giftcard gives options.

Perhaps in some cases a giftcard it does lack the thought and effort you would like to see in a gift you receive, but when AMC Movies are concerned..?

Kids and teenagers especially like going to the movies. What better way is there to tell someone you love that you care than by giving them the option to see a few movies whenever they way? (just hope they don’t ask for a ride too…)

So, if you are in a bind and can’t think of a specific thing that your loved one wants.. why not give them the gift of a free movie or two?

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